Monday, June 20, 2011


Oh, how I love my Ivy. She is such a wonderful baby. Tantrums and all. And boy does she have a lot of them haha. So many times people would say they were glad they didn't have a girl because they were so dramatic. Well, Claire was never like that so I never understood what they were talking about. What was the big deal? And then I got Ivy. She'll be the happiest, best, funniest baby in the whole world and then BAM, if one tiny thing goes wrong she's banging her head on the wall, throwing herself on the floor, pinching me, or the person who's closest to her, and SCREAAAAMING her head off. And some weeks she's spending more time throwing more tantrums than she is being happy. That's usually when she's teething. However, I cannot get over how funny, sweet, smart, and happy she is when she's NOT throwing her tantrums haha. She really is the greatest baby ever. 
She's HILARIOUS. She can get anyone to smile. She lifts her eyebrows, pulls faces, flirts, and smiles. And man oh man, when she smiles, she SMILES. Her whole face smiles. She can brighten up a room with one of her smiles. I get giddy just talking about it. She loves Claire so much and she gets so excited when she wakes up. She runs to her and gives her a big hug and kiss and says "Ca" for Claire. She does the same thing when Levi comes home. She hears the garage, runs to the door and says, "Dadadadada!!!" and she'll squeal with delight. She gives the most hugs of any baby I've ever known. She's so cuddly and affectionate. She tries to be just like Claire, doing everything she does and I love watching every minute of that. Her favorite thing to do is play Ring Around the Rosy. Oh man, that is the cutest thing to watch. When it's almost time to fall down she squeals, laughs and then she finally falls down and claps for joy. 
She doesn't say very many words but I know one of these days it'll just explode. It's actually very hard for me to get used to because Claire was saying a TON of words by now. I keep trying to tell myself that kids are just different, because they are, but it doesn't help me much haha. I can't help worrying about it, bla bla bla. But she understands everything I'm saying and she finds her own way to communicate things with me. That's why I feel like one of these days she'll just all of a sudden start talking. She only says "Ca" for Claire, "Dad", "Mom" (over and over and over again), "Dog", "Hot", "Bye bye", "HI" (which is the cutest thing in the world, she says it to everyone she sees), and I think that might be it. I can't think of anything else. So, yeah, she doesn't say much haha. But I know she's still sooo smart just by how much she understands. She loves reading books and her favorite one is The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear (that's one book with an enormously long title. That was, and still is, my very favorite children's book so I'm so happy it's her favorite as well. I love reading it to her. As you can tell I adore my girls, just like every other parent out there (except for the awful ones who do awful things to their children who I want to strangle and send right to Hell myself). I think they're wonderful and I'm soooo glad they were sent to me. I just can't believe that Heavenly Father trusted me enough to take care of these two AMAZING little girls. I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity. 


I haven't updated in a very long time. I hate uploading the pictures onto my computer. That's the main reason. Anyway, here's an update on claire.
 Basically, she's awesome. She's beautiful, kind, sweet, a little sassy, smart and hilarious. Kids flock to her and they just love being around her.
 She constantly tells me I'm a good mom. I don't think I ever said that to my mom when I was little haha.
 She loves ivy and, even though thy have their moments, they get along so well and they love wrestling and chasing each other. Claire's such a good big sister And I hope she stays that way.
 She hates change almost as much as Levi does haha. I asked her if she wanted another baby in our family and she said, "will we have to move?" I said no and she said, "then yes! I want another sister!!" she was so concerned about moving into a new house. So funny.
 She's good at memory games, she has the best imagination ever, and she lives riding her bike around the neighborhood. She loves being outside and she lives going on dates with her dad. I don't know what I would do without her. She really us one of my best friends and I thoroughly enjoy hanging out with her. I'm so glad she's mine. I'm so lucky.

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Photo Blog

I have a new blog for my photography.