Thursday, December 9, 2010

My number 2

this isn't a post about my poop, don't worry. It's about Ivy.
thought i should do a post about her since i haven't in a while. plus, i just took some cute pictures of her being happy the other day so i figured i could put them on here. 

anyway, ivy's a super happy baby, most of the time. she has her moments, but so do all babies. as long as she's standing, though, she's guaranteed to be happy. man, she's obsessed. the other day she was SO excited to take a bath. I started the water, put her on the floor in her room and she crawled as fast as she could over to the bath tub, stood up and started jumping and squealing (the baby kind of jump, obviously). so i put her in the bath and she tried to stand up 2 minutes later. well, she's not allowed to do that, duh, so i tried to sit her down. she wanted none of that and grabbed at me to take her out. i'm just glad she can stand on her own now so i don't constantly have to be the one doing it for her. 
she sleeps well, eats well, plays well and she loves claire. but what younger sibling doesn't love their big sister/brother? she just started putting phones up to her ear and that's really cute. she doesn't actually crawl, per-say but she army crawls. and it's the funniest thing ever. claire never did that so we never experienced that before and i laugh every time. she looks paralyzed from the waist down. she'll eat anything. she claps, does "so big", waves and loves it when i play, 'i'm gonna get you'. she tries to crawl away as fast as she can squealing and then loves it when i get her and tickle her. 
she loves having an audience. one day i went to the mall and was holding her facing out, she just kept waving and smiling at everyone and doing "so big" for them. it was hilarious. gotta love her. she's such a great baby and makes us all very happy. i love wrestling and always try to do it with claire but she's not so much into it. i think ivy will be the one i can wrestle with, she likes to be thrown really high and all that stuff. i just have to say that having two girls is sooooo much fun. i'm hoping for another one. i'd be fine with that.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Do the Claire Bear

Some funny things Claire has said recently....

"Mama! You forgot to ask me if I had any dreams!"

"Oh yeah! Sorry, did you have any dreams last night?"


::Poured water on Ivy's face in the bath, made Ivy cry::

Levi: "Don't pour water on her face, she doesn't like it."

Claire: "Yes, she told me she wanted me to pour water on her face, she said, 'Claire, pour water on my face!' that's what she said." 

::Got out of the tub and put her bathrobe on and was about to come downstairs::

"Wait, daddy, I have to see if I look cute." ::Looks in the mirror:: "Yup, I look cute. Let's go!"

She named her football Enzo. I was wondering where she got that name from, thinking she must have made it up, turns out she named it after the new boy in her nursery class. 

Me: "Claire, you need to be nice to Blake (her cousin)."

Claire: "Don't yell at me!"

Me: "I'm not yelling at you, I'm just telling you to be nice to Blake."

Claire: "Well, don't tell me like that. YOU be nice!"

::We hardly ever have ice cream in our house. Mainly because I'd eat it all. But one day I bought some just for fun::

Me: "Claire, would you like some ice cream!?" 

Claire: "No."

Me: (disappointed) "Oh, why not?"

Claire: "Um, I just don't have an owey (sp?) or anything."

Apparently I only ask her if she wants ice cream after she gets really hurt. 

::We were visiting my Grandparents this past summer and she was playing with two girl dollies::

My Mom: "Claire, where's the boy dolly? You just have two girl dollies, they can't get married."

Claire: "Um, no, it's okay, they can just be gay."


Claire: "Mom, can I go over to Jonas' house?"

Me: "No, not today."

Claire: "But moooom, I just wanted to go over to his house and marry him!"

"Mom, don't be such a homeshit!" (she totally made that word up, obviously. She wasn't aware there was an actual swear word in there.)