Tuesday, May 25, 2010

sister photos gone wrong

i tried to get some cute photos of claire and ivy together, instead i got these....

Monday, May 17, 2010

oh yeah..

my friend che' and i let our girls paint on themselves and each other the other day. it was fun to watch. i'm only putting pictures of claire up 'cause i'm not sure if che' wants me putting kenna on my blog almost naked. i on the other hand don't care haha. does that make me bad?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I hate Blogging

which is the reason why i haven't been blogging lately. i feel like i'm just always busy (which is a GREAT thing) lately that i don't have time to blog. or if i do have time to blog i'd rather be using that time to do other things i enjoy more haha. but, since all of you are probably SICK of seeing my last post (and the fact that only 2 people commented leads me to believe nobody thought it was quite as cute as i did) i thought i'd change it for you.

the other day i took ivy to her 2 month well-check. I KNOW! she's 2 MONTHS OLD ALREADY. geeze, before i know it i'm going to be 45 and wrinkly. crap.

ivy's stats: 95th percentile for height, 75th for weight and 50th for head. she's a big girl, which is no surprise since claire was a fatty boombalatti but i compared their stats from when claire was 2 months and ivy's way huge. granted, claire was 5 1/2 weeks early BUT STILL. ivy's what some people would call large. good thing she's so freaking cute. she's been smiling a ton lately and hates being on her tummy. she loves it when i sing to her and she loves it when i make funny faces at her. she loves taking baths and she kicks her legs wildly whenever we put her in there, that's our favorite thing. she even gets these crazy eyes while she's kicking. she's recently getting over her baby acne which is amazing 'cause that wasn't very attractive. hopefully she won't get it that bad during puberty... yikes.

being a mother has made me realize how much heavenly father loves me. but being a mother of two has confirmed that even more. he loves all of us equally and sooo much more than we love our own children. it's so amazing. even those people we look at and say, "hahaha look how ugly they are!" (just kidding) he loves them too! it's actually made me be less judgmental toward everyone which is a good thing 'cause i was pretty harsh sometimes over the stupidest things. being a mom has definitely changed me for the better in every way (except for the boobs, i've become a member of the "do your boobs hang low?" club). i love being a mom and there's nothing else i'd rather be doing. i love staying home with my girls and watching them grow, watching them mimic the things i do and watching them learn. they're so amazing.