Tuesday, October 27, 2009


we played in the snow today. claire reallllly enjoyed it until she suddenly (and I mean very suddenly) realized that her hands were freezing. don't worry, i went out and bought her gloves afterwards.
"Gooooo insiiiidddeee!"

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Claire's 2nd Birthday!

Claire had two parties. A friends party and a family party. I was super excited about it the whole week before. I'm like a little kid when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, I get all giddy and can't sleep. So, having said that, the day of Claire's birthday I was completely exhausted from not getting any sleep! So, to those who did come, if I didn't seem like myself, that's why. Anyway, Claire loved the attention and had so much fun and just kept talking and talking about her "happy birthday". Thanks to everyone who came and for all the gifts. She gets so excited when she sees all her toys. She'll go downstairs and as if she's seeing everything for the first time, she excitedly yells out everything she sees. I love it.

She wasn't so sure about everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to her. She liked it way more during the family one.
I had the kids paint pumpkins. Most of the kids weren't into it. Maybe they were a little young for this. Oh well, I thought it was a good idea.
Sorry Jenn, I know your eyes are closed in this one but i liked it of Cohen haha. 
Opening presents.
Playing play-doh with her grandma's.
Blake wanted to get in on some of the girly action.
Trying out her new dress up shoes, baby, baby carrier and purse.
She did really well blowing out the candle.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Monster Hat

We (I) made a monster had at a craft class Claire goes to once a month. Cute, right?

She likes to wear towels on her head, like I do.

Oh, did I mention she's cute?

She can count to 6, when she's in the mood.

She talks a lot.

She has the most amazing memory I've ever seen in a kid. She remembers a scary movie she saw one time in my mom's car back in August. The little part she saw she remembers it in full detail and tells us about it often.

She's funny.

She loves playing with other kids.

She'll be 2 on the 17th and we're having a party for her. This is when I realized she has 1 girl friend and the rest are all boys. That's my girl!