Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I've been looking at the Urban Outfitters website for the past few weeks now, hoping that they come up with something awesomely awesome that I just have to have. Instead, I keep finding this crap. I mean, floral shorts? Oh, excuse me? You thought that was a skirt? Oh no, my friend, they're shorts. Did the flowiness of it fool you? Yeah, that's why THEY SUCK. And then on to the body suit. Didn't think those would come back? Why? 'Cause they're ridiculous, that's why. Going to the bathroom is a chore with those things, not to mention before doing the hibbity dibbity. Your husband wouldn't think it's worth the effort of getting it off. Yeah, I don't know what fashion is up to these days, but it's starting to suck.