Monday, March 30, 2009

Lenses for sale!!!

So I just ordered a new lens and I won't need all of the other ones I have. So I'm selling them! I'm also trying to sell them on ebay so I'll try and keep this updated if they sell on there before someone here wants them.

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8-$109.00-hardly used.

Tamron AF 28-80mm 3.5-5.6-$40.00-Used once.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Shoes (Yes, I know I already posted today)

So I realized that when I labeled my last post "Short hair" I bet most of you thought I had cut my hair. That's not going to happen until I have all my babies. Short hair+pregnant=really ugly Stephanie. 

Anyway, Claire has some new shoes and I must say, they're the cutest things ever. I don't care if you people think they're ugly, I love them. They're wonderfully tacky and they have a freaking zipper on the inner side! She has a tutu that's going to look so cute with these. YES! I totally would have wanted these when I was little. Me and my 20 watches on one arm.


Short Hair

Sorry, I found the picture of the short hair on and since they're not showing that article anymore the picture is gone. Too bad, it was a really cute hair cut.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some new - Some old

So I sold the photoshop! Sorry to anyone who wanted it but some guy on Ebay decided he wanted it. And I felt bad for him 'cause he scammed a couple of times trying to buy the downloadable version. ANYWAY, I'm glad it's sold! 

Moving on. Here is my new favorite picture of Claire. Click here to see more from today and others I re-edited!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


The other day I was on Ebay looking for Adobe Photoshop CS2. I kept finding ones for mac that were around $350 bucks (no thank you) and then FINALLY, I found one for $150! So I go ahead and snatch it 'cause I don't think I'll find as good of a deal as that. I'm anxiously waiting for it to come in the mail and... YAY it came! BUUUUTT..... (I hate buts, especially flat, hairy ones) it was for windows. I was too excited about the price I didn't even double check to see if it was for a Mac. 

So, please, if ANYONE wants to buy this from me for $140.00 PLEASE tell me. I could just send it back to the guy but I just have a feeling I won't make it to the post office in time. I'm trying to re-sell it on Ebay but nobody seems to want it. It's a really great program and you can do all sorts of neat things with it. I can even tell you where to get some awesome actions to use along with it. So please, someone buy it!?!?!?! Even if you're a friend of a friend stalking my blog, I don't care. And I'd be happy to ship it to you if you don't live in Utah. Thank you!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I just added my vintage nature collection to my etsy shop. Visit me here. They're 8X10 standout photographs. A standout is a 1.5" thick, lightweight Gatorfoam with a lightly textured black or smooth white trim around the edges. So cute.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Here's another photo I took at the mentoring sessino and edited on my own afterwards. Go here to see more or click on the blackbird photo logo on the top right of my blog!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Check this out!

Yeah, I'm awesome 'cause I took this shot. Eat this.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Favorites...

A few of Claire's new favorite things are:
Doing puzzles
Having me paint her toenails every single day.
Putting make-up on by herself.
Pretending she can't see me while I'm taking a picture of her.
Putting jewelry on. Well, this isn't that new but it's becoming a definite favorite.
Doing headstands. I love this one, she'll do it on command.
Doing this face....
And having us put any blanket that's in her sight on top of her.
Other news: Since she was teething for so long, having her pacifier well... pacified her (har har) so I let her have it all day and all night. Well, I was dreading the day she stopped teething when I'd have to take it away from her. It turned out to not be so bad. I just had to stick with it and let her cry when I said she couldn't have it. The first day was the worst but it wasn't even that bad. So, if anyone's trying to take their child's pacifier away from them, just be strong. Don't give in. There were times I just let her roll around on the floor crying while I ignored her for a half hour. Now she doesn't even ask for it and she'll put it in her top drawer herself after she wakes up. 

Also, I bought her this little training potty just for fun and so she could get used to it come potty training time. Well, she peed into once! I'm pretty sure it was an accident but it was still exciting. She hasn't done it since. That's all. Thank you and good night (or good day depending on when you read this).