Saturday, January 31, 2009

I hope this is contagious!

She tried to be serious for a second...
...but then she couldn't handle it!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

15-Month Brag Moment

I know, I know, everyone thinks THEIR kids are the cutest kids ever. Well, so do I! (No, not yours, MINE!) So I'm going to brag a bit about Claire since I haven't done that in a while. I mean, I do here and there but haven't dedicated a whole post to it in a long time.

-She can count to 20 (okay, no she can't)
-She knows a lot of animals--Dog, Cat, Elephant, Horse, Cow, Frog, Duck, Bird, Snake, Hippo, Bear, Tiger, Lion, Bee, pig, mouse, lady bug, spider, monkey, I dunno, you get the point, she knows a lot of them.
-She can make some animal noises--Lion, Tiger (they make the same noise), Elephant (this is actually really funny considering she's learning it from me, she tries so hard. Levi and my mom can't even make the noise like I can), she tries to do pig but it just isn't happening, monkey (she makes the noise every time she sees a monkey or wants her monkey), snake, cat sometimes, owl, cow. 
-She knows all of her body parts--Hair, head, eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, teeth, ears, neck, arms, hands, fingers, belly button, belly (same thing), legs, feet, toes.
-She can say the following (as well as she knows how, anyway): Baby, Bread, Ball, Uh-oh, Shoes, Jesus, mom, dad, more, Sage (haha she tries), grandma (more like "ma"), Grandpa ("pa"), Jenn (yeah I know, funny), drink, juice (sounds pretty much like Jesus, so does shoes), bye-bye, she tries to say downstairs, down, up. That's all I can think of right now. She tries to say pretty much everything we say but she just can't get the words  out all the way.
-If I ask her a question and the answer is "yes" she'll nod her head. If the answer is "no" she'll cover her eyes and put her head down.
-She pretends she's giving me something and then she'll quickly take it away before I grab it and go "ooooh" like she totally fooled me.
-When she drops something she grunts now, that's new as of Sunday. I wonder if I do that? I've never noticed.
-If she drops something and she's sitting on her chair, she'll pretend like she's trying hard to reach for it and grunt a lot like she's working really hard. (she's not really working hard at all).
-She likes doing Itsy-bitsy spider, pat-a-cake, row, row, row your boat, and the hokey pokey. 
-If she gets something out and I want her to put it back I just say, "Can you go put it back?" and she does. She puts it back exactly where and how she found it, it's so funny. 
-She knows what the garbage is so if I tell her to throw something in the garbage she does. 
-She knows that if I put her shoes on that means we're leaving. So she'll bring me her shoes and say "bye-bye" and wave her hands to tell me she wants to go somewhere.
-When it's time to take a bath she'll start crawling up the stairs towards her bathroom.
-If I ask her if she wants to take a shower she goes to my bathroom.
-In books that we have that just have pictures and the flash cards we have, she can point out almost anything I name to her.

There are just so many things she can do! She's so smart and I love her. I don't even necessarily spend a TON of time on things with her, she just catches on really quickly and it makes my job so easy. If you read all of this you're amazing. 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a Great Weekend

On friday night Levi and I went roller skating with our friends Che' and Zac. What great people. I thought I wouldn't be very good at it since I haven't gone roller skating since I was 12 (we had to do roller skating for gym class, awesome), but turns out it wasn't bad at all. Claire wasn't happy that we put her in her stroller but she always gets to have fun. 

Che's trying to get McKenna to laugh, she's not really that hardcore... Well maybe a little.
The boys and their girls.
Che', her booty, and the kid with the FREAKING AWESOME Bill Cosby sweater!!!
Saturday night (I wish I had taken at least one picture) we went to Shandra's house with our girlfriends and brought her dinner. She just had a baby about 2 weeks ago and he is SO cute and little! I forgot how small Claire used to be. It was really fun, though. We each brought an appetizer and just ate and talked all night long. Friends are fun. Don't you think?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday Night Date-in-a-Car

On Friday night Levi and I (mainly myself) were feeling pretty anti-social. It would have been a great night to stay in and watch movies, but we already had a babysitter and we needed the time alone. We were PLANNING on going to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but plans changed. Instead, this is what we did:

We ate Chick-Fil-A in our car. Yes, our car. We looked inside the restaurant and saw all of the people (it was really crowded) and decided to just go through the drive-thru and eat the food in our car. How awesome are we?
After we ate we drove over to Barnes & Noble and read a few books. Yeah, just a few...
After reading for a couple of hours we drove over to Cold Stone. And where did we eat it? Say it with me. IN OUR CAR! 
It was such a great date night. The reason I was feeling so anti-social was due to the fact that Claire woke up at 5:30 in the a.m. and just had a horrible day. She wore me out and I didn't want any innocent people to be victims of my bad attitude. So there you have it. A date in a car. How lovely.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So everyone knows Claire looks exactly like Levi. I know, I know. I wish I could take credit for the way she looks, but I just can'tl. Levi has all the good looks in the family and I'm SO glad Claire got them. Well, today I was just outside taking pictures of Claire, like always, and I snapped this picture. She looks EXACTLY like Levi here. It's so strange! I mean even the looks she gives are like his. Man oh man. This is their serious look. Plus, she's teething so it adds a little more tension to her look, as if she's trying to find the cure for cancer. 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The rest of the break...

So the rest of the break pretty much consisted of us all playing Rockband. 
Adam really knows how to get the "crowd" going.
We did try to mix it up, though, by going bowling. Yes, I'm going to brag about how I bowled a 155. Booyah. Highest score of the night! Claire did pretty alright.
Claire couldn't understand why she couldn't pick up the balls when it was so easy for everyone else. She'd try and try and then give up but the second she'd see someone else pick one up she'd go on trying again. So determined.
Afterwards we went over to my parents house to watch the Utes
 and Jazz games. Yeah, Levi and his friends got old school jerseys made from a guy who lives in not America. 
Levi has this strange obsession with Thurl Bailey, he makes us listen to his Christmas CD every year. So awful. Needless to say, that's whose name he has on the back of his jersey. 
Now, for New yea.... I mean, Levi's birthday, we go to Bonsai every year. It's SO good, we love it. My sister and her husband usually come with us but they couldn't this year. So Levi thought it was just going to be the two of us. WELLL... being the awesome wife that I am I told his friends to secretly meet us there to surprise Levi. It was pretty awesome because before we left I told Levi he should just call his friends to see if they should come ('cause I'm so sneaky) and he was like, "No, I'm kind of excited it'll just be the two of us!" Which was really nice and all... luckily he was really surprised his friends were there and he was glad they came. We have a picture but I need Levi to scan it. Just close your eyes and picture this: Lisa, Levi, myself and Shane are all sitting down, in that order, behind us standing are, starting from the left: Adam, Greg, and Chief. There, that's how the picture went. Now I don't have to scan it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

What a Break!

Oh how I love having Levi home! He didn't have to work for almost 2 weeks and it was the greatest thing ever! We spent every day together as a family just hanging out and having fun and it's been the best almost 2 weeks ever. I'm going to miss him when he goes back to work. We had a wonderful Christmas and a great birthday (we don't celebrate New Years' Eve anymore. For those of you who don't know, Levi's birthday is on New Years' Eve. Luckily, he found someone who hates that holiday anyway). So, where do I start? I guess with Christmas, right? Well, to start off, we had a girls Christmas party slumber partaaay. We went out to eat and had the crappiest server, but we got a free somethin' so it was awesome. We decorated cookies, exchanged 5 dolla gifts and a few of us stayed up all night ('till 4 or 5 in the morning) chatting. It was a gay ol' time. The next night was Levi's friends' Christmas party (I don't have a picture of that). I bet you can just imagine the great company I was going off like, 3 hours of sleep. I pretty much stayed in the kitchen baking treats so I didn't pass my grumpiness off to anyone else. Good thing I love baking. 

Next, my brother and his fiance came to visit! I haven't seen my brother in a year. I love having him around. I hope one day they decide to move here to be close to us! 
They were only here for a short amount of time so we spent most of the nights over at my parents house so we could hang out with them longer at night and see them in the mornings. 

On Christmas Eve we went over to Levi's parents house to exchange gifts.
  Claire was really into opening presents there. 
After that, we went back tomy parents house and decorated cookies and played games. 
Then, Levi and I went home so we could have our own family Christmas the next morning. This is the chair Levi and I got for Claire. I was sitting in it one day and she pushed me out of it so she could sit in it. Bossy girl.
Afterwards we went over to my parents house, opened presents (I got a Dyson! Claire got this cute table and chair set from Ikea. She loves it).
Then we headed over to Levi's grandparents house to open some more presents. His grandparents got Claire this rocking horse that neighs. I don't know where to put it at the moment....

Our Christmas ended up being a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it! Tomorrow (or sometime in the near future) I'll be posting about the rest of the break. Yay!