Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh what fun it is to ride in a two man sled-aled

This past Saturday Levi and I went to my parents house to help them wrap some presents that needed to be shipped out to relatives. I LOVE wrapping presents so if anyone needs some help, call me. Anyway, after we finished, we decided it would be fun to take Claire sledding for the first time! She LOVED it. On her way down she would go, "Weeeeeeee" and then laugh when she got to the bottom. It was the cutest thing ever. 

First she went with Levi
Then me
Then my mom
Afterwards, we made some fudge. We do it every year for Christmas. It was really fun but my sister didn't get to come 'cause she was sick with the flu. :( 
I love Christmas so much and I love spending it with family. It doesn't feel like Christmas when I'm not with them. I'm excited for my brother to come out next week with his new fiance! Then everything will be perfect.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things I love right now...

Oh, Christmas Tree 
Oh, Christmas Tree
How lovely are thy branches! 
(what? that's not how it goes?)
Claire knowing she's cute.
The squatting position.
Claire helping Levi with the laundry.
And I love my curtains but apparently there are Jurtains in the Curtains 'cause it won't let me upload the picture. Sucks to be you guys 'cause you won't be able to see how amazingly awesome they are. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

That title doesn't really have anything to do with my post. Levi was just singing it so it's in my head. Only his version goes a little like this, "It's a half decent time, yes a somewhat enjoyable time, of the year." Oh, what a fungi. 

Anyway, here are some pictures of what Claire's been up to lately...

                                                     Pondering on Curbs. She's very deep.
                   Wiping food all over herself. "Uh, maybe that was a bad idea."
Looking at the ornaments and saying "Oohhh."
She likes it when I put the little hair that she has into clips/hair ties.
She carries this in her mouth all the time while she's doing other things. 
She kept climbing up the ladder to help Levi put the lights up.
If she falls down, she just lays like this as if she meant to do it.
She now models for JCrew. They have a children's line now. They created it just so they could have Claire as their model.
She thinks it's "cool" to hang out in freezers. HAHAHAHA.
Stay tuned, I'll be posting pictures of our Christmas decorations and our awesome new curtains. But then again, I might not.