Monday, September 29, 2008

Fun Times

So, I had a really fun weekend! I was so glad, too, 'cause Levi's sisters and mom went on our annual girls trip and I couldn't make it this time :(. On friday night we had a girls night out and stayed at a hotel downtown. It was so much fun! I thought at first it might be awkward 'cause all the girls know each other from high school, but they are all so nice and easy to get along with so it didn't even feel uncomfortable at all. We went out to dinner, got in trouble for going in the hot tub past 10 (10 more minutes?) and stayed up 'till 3:00am just talking and giggling like little school girls. 

Saturday afternoon my family threw a little birthday lunch party for me. My birthday was last Monday but nobody could get together until Saturday. It was so much fun! I'll post those pictures later 'cause my sister has them. I'm just so glad I had a great weekend. I haven't had that much fun in a while. Except when I'm with my sister, we always have fun.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Isn't it Fall?

So technically it's Fall, right? Well why doesn't it FEEL like Fall? I love Fall and I want it here!! However, maybe this is a good thing that the weather's so hot, hot, hot. Maybe the Winter won't be as c-c-cooollllddd. My fingers turn white when I get too cold and it's just awful. I knew that talking about this would change my thoughts about the warm weather. But I just love Fall clothes so much and I want to wear them without sweating! So I'll enjoy the warm weather while it's here but I can't wait for the Fall weather. I'm so ready!!! Bring it on!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Caught You!

What a sneaky little girl.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Just In Case

In case any of you missed Claire. Here are some pictures!

Unwritten Law

So Unwritten Law used to be one of Levi's favorite bands. I'm not sure if they still are or not but we still enjoy going to their shows. We went to one on Saturday night and Levi and I, being the old folks that we are now, had a REALLY hard time not crashing right on the floor from being so dang tired! I usually go to bed around 10 and they didn't even come on until 11:15! It was a struggle. Scott (the singer) was being hilarious and it was a good show even though they had problems here and there with sound and whatnot. We got to see all of Levi's friends and I got to see a couple of their wives/girlfriends who I don't get to see very often at all. It was good times. They're just a fun band to go and see. 
                                                 This was the best shot I could get of the band

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lots of good stuff and something creepy

Ah (sigh of relief) it feels SO good to finally be moved into our new home! I'm not going to post any pictures until it's all put together nicely. We're on our way. I've unpacked all that I can and today I purchased a book shelf and a tiny computer desk for our loft from Hobby Lobby. When we get that here I can unpack a lot more. After that, Levi's dad is going to put shelves in our storage, garage and laundry room. Then I can unpack EVERYTHING and be super organized. I can't wait! I never thought the day would come where I'd be excited for shelves. Huh. Growing up is weird. Anyway, so I love living here so far. Yesterday we went to church and it was all good and stuff but then I got to Relief Society and I couldn't have sat next to a more perfect person! She was extremely nice, she complimented me like 4 times in 1 minute. I wasn't used to it I was blushing so much the girl on the other side of me was blushing. Anyway, she asked me where I worked out and stuff, I told her for now I just work out from home doing different videos, ya know. And she then proceeded to tell me that she's an aerobics instructor and that she has a few videos out for Pilates and she's one of the top instructors in SLC. She then asked me if I've ever been interested in doing such a thing. I tried to hide my enthusiasm (in my mind I was peeing my pants) I've always wanted to be an instructor, ALWAYS, but I've never had the courage to just get up and do something about it. Well, she told me that she could give me all the information on how to get certified and said that they really need kickboxing, turbo kick, and step instructors more than anything else. Lucky for me that's what I love to do the most! Plus, she said Turbo Kick is the cheapest to get certified for. (How freakin' lucky is that?) 

Now on top of THAT happening yesterday Claire walked by herself for the first time!!! She's taken probably a step or two in the past but she's never been brave enough to really try. Well, yesterday she took 10 steps at one point. And practically RAN over to my mom when she saw her. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Sadly, she won't do it for me today :( I think she'd just rather I hold her than have her walk. Stubborn girl. But I'm so excited about this! 

One more great thing was that I woke up this morning and went running in my new neighborhood. I love the paths and I felt like I was in a movie. There were a few other people out and we'd wave and smile at each other as we passed by and then the sun was coming up as I was running past the lake. It was just so cool.

Now for the creepy part of my Daybreak experience. Friday night was the first night we slept here. Well, I put Claire down for the night and I turned her monitor on. For some reason the monitor kept beeping so I kept searching for a channel that would work. Finally I found one and so I started to go back to what I was doing. Then a little while after that, I noticed I was hearing breathing. I kept wondering where it was coming from 'cause I can't ever hear Claire breathing. I always have a humidifier on in her room so that's all I hear unless she cries or talks. So I'm all alone 'cause Levi's at the Utes game and I'm all scared and creeped out 'cause of the breathing. So I go into her room and tap on her monitor part and I realize I can't hear it through the monitor. That's I realized that her monitor in her room wasn't turned on and I was getting a signal from someone else's house! It doesn't sound as scary when you read this but if you were home alone, in a new house, new neighborhood and you heard a strangers baby breathing through your monitor, you'd get freaked out. So I hurried and fixed the problem and was back to what I was doing. After Levi came home I told him the story and then switched back to the channel it was on and he even got freaked out!! haha it was kind of funny. Anyway, sorry for the long post and thank you for reading. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ain't Nothin' like the real change, people, real change! One Dolla.

So my question is why go to Disney Land, Six Flags, or Lagoon when you could have all the fun you need going to an old folks home and a hotel? Forget rollercoasters and water parks! Psh! We recently went to Washington to visit my relatives and boy was it a BLAST! OH BOY! (Read that as if you were hearing it from Leave it to Beaver). Anyway, I was looking through my pictures and noticed all the sweet things Claire (Ahem, and my sister and I) rode and did for fun. Check it out! We Rode....
                                                                         An Airplane
                                                                               A Car
                                                                                A Car
                                                                      ::Yawn:: A Car
                                    My Grandma's Sweet-A motorized scooter. It's got 10 speeds.

A Wheelchair
A Luggage Cart
She got into the tissues
And here's a sweet video of Claire bouncing on the bed. It's really funny. Give it a minute, she takes a little while for the funny part and TURN UP THE VOLUME, HOLLA!!!