Monday, August 18, 2008

New house, New couches, and a Big Girl?

Okay, I'd like to start out with Claire. When did she get so big!? Geeze! In this picture she looks so grown up (and kind of like a boy, I know, it's the lack of hair and no bow.... okay annnnd t-shirt and jeans haha). Anyway, doesn't she look so big? I love having her, I really do, she's the best baby to have and she has the best personality. She just turned 10 months yesterday and it's weird, 2 more months and she'll be a year old! Freaky!! 

Oh ya know, just reading a book.... naked. 

Okay, moving onto our house. This is where our house is at right now. Well, they might have carpet in now but I don't know. This is what it looked like on Saturday. It's a quaint little house and we love ever inch of it. I'm a pretty old fashioned girl, I love Classic rock, Classic cars (my dream is to own at least ONE in my life), fashion from the 60's. I don't know where I got it from. Especially since my sister is completely opposite, it's hilarious. I was thinking about it the other day. Her house has a lot of dark colors, dark kitchen, couches, paintings etc. And I chose light cabinets, flooring, couches, everything (except our master bath, how random). So if you ever come over, just be ready for a more old fashioned feel. Not so much that you'll feel like you've stepped into a time machine, don't worry. Oh, and by the way, our house definitely has 2 bedrooms and 3 1/2 BATH! How funny is that. I like bathrooms, I guess. We've only had 1 in our last two apartments so I decided to go all out. 

The kitchen
Living Room Main floor
View from Claire's room/Porch
ANNNDD FINNNALLLY!!! These are our new couches!!!! We got a kick aaaaa deal on them, thanks to moi. (I hit on the sales guy, gave him a fake number HAHAHAH.... not). They're pretty much perfect for our house. I'm just excited to finally have a place for more than 1 other person to sit in our living room!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So I was working out.... by my self.... and I thought of an idea! (I know, amazing right?) If anyone's interested, I wanted to start having one or two days a week where we have a workout group. We could do different things such as running/walking, go to a gym, do a video at someone's house. We could take turns going to different peoples houses to work out and stuff. I have a TON of videos. P90X, Turbo Jam (with hand weight gloves, YES), of course Jane Fonda (for abs, arms, etc) and Tae Bo. If anyone's interested PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I think this would be fun. You could get your friends involved as well if they're interested. I think the more people the more fun. 

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rock out Baby!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So Sexy So Soon

I was watching the Today Show and they had an interview with these two ladies who wrote the book "So Sexy So Soon". I also read an article about it on It was terrifying to hear how young girls start out worrying about their looks and what other people think about them! I know that that's my weakness, I always find faults with myself (it's something I'm working on and quite frankly I'm down to one thing I don't like about myself physically which is major progress). I pray all the time that Heavenly Father will help me with this battle I'm slowly starting to win:) 

The article I read on MSN was about a 7 year old, I think it was an excerpt from the book. I'll repeat, A 7 YEAR OLD!!! She was crying and crying in the bathtub with her arms wrapped around her knees, her mom was horrified and asked her what was wrong. The girl answered, "I'm fat, I'm fat, I'm fat! Why can't I be skinny so that Jedd will like me!" 7 YEARS OLD! She kept saying she needed to go on a diet to lose weight! When I was 7 I was still running around with boys playing in the dirt. I don't even know if I had a crush! I'm so scared of all of this. Everyone blames it on the media, which I also think they should be held accountable, but I mostly blame the parents. I feel that parents are becoming less involved with their children's lives and are scared to talk to them about the facts, about what is okay and what isn't. 

I've had some thoughts about how I'll try and avoid my daughter having any negative feelings towards her body. 
-First off, I will NEVER speak about myself in a negative way to her, in front of her and right now I'm trying very hard to not say anything to anyone about myself. The only person I say anything to is Levi. 
-I thought about buying one of those books about the body so that I can teach my children what parts of their body help them to stay strong and healthy and explain to them how we need to take care of our bodies to stay healthy. That eating well and proper exercise will help them to have a healthy body. Never will I tell them it will help them to stay skinny and therefore be prettier. NO!
-I will also teach them the purpose of our bodies, why we've received them etc. etc. 

I come up with other ideas every now and then but I would like to hear some of your thoughts about how you plan to teach your children to have a positive image about themselves. It's hard and I know that someday there's a strong possibility it could become a huge issue with one, some or all of my children. What would you guys do? And please leave a comment, even if you're blog stalking me (everyone does it, don't be ashamed), if I have one more post that hasn't been commented on I'm quitting the blogging world.